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It is very important for your outdoor camping to own an inflatable tents. However, do you know how to choose the right tents? Just take the following points into your consideration.
Actually, if you are camping in the deserts of the Southwest, you are probably not concerned about the tent being waterproof, however, camping in the Pacific Northwest is another matter.
(a tent for Florida is not suitable for the mountains of Colorado.) Manufacturers label tents as one-season, two/three-season, three/four-season, four-season, etc. A one-season tent is mostly for summer use only, capable to withstand light rain. A three-season is for spring/summer/autumn and should be capable of withstanding fairly heavy rain, or light snow. A four-season tent should be suitable for winter camping in all but the most extreme conditions. The expedition tent is for mountain conditions and should provide protection from heavy snow, strong winds, and heavy rain.
As for all of your requirements, General inflatable Inc can meet with them. We can provide different size, shape, color, when you sent the sketch to us. At once, own your inflatable tents, and you will have a nice time in the outdoor.

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